How to be

How To Be

Broadband Sensing

Animals have three modes of being: active, passive, and broadband. Non-selective or broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment.

Broadband sensing can only be done now. Animals need it to survive. It evolved as a balance for focussed activity, and while passively dozing. This is a vital part of the oldest, original, most natural form of being awake and staying alive. This is not a new form of meditation or yoga.

Humans balance their active focussing mode with sleeping, and sometimes seeking inner peace; but modern man hardly ever uses this third mode of being, our broadband mode.

Many forms of meditation, prayer, therapy can help bring our lives in balance, and help us to connect with forgotten unrealised parts of ourselves and to be fully human. Please use these as well.

Broadband sensing is a forgotten urealised part of ourselves - and evolution's basic balance in life - and the only time you can do it is now.

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