Pleasure leads to preferences or pre-references, which lead to always wanting to be somewhere else, never being fully now. How do we find a way out of the wheel of repetition?

(experimental, nothing proven, draft versions, excuses, etc.)

The mind can be compared with a monkey - (always restless, never at peace) Taming the monkey is said to be the hardest thing in the world.

I suggest we let the monkey play ... however it seems comparatively easy to tame the lower brain ... I call it taming the hedgehog ...

This simple idea is that by direct contact with the lower brain ... through tasting smelling breathing listening or singing exercises ... we can develop a more realistic feeling of who and what and why we are.

Simply defocuss your eyes and be aware of the peripheral vision, all the way round the periphery, (dont forget to blink your eyes). Now the same with the ears, without focussing just listen to sounds all around and miles away, (you will need somewhere peaceful away from electrical noise), but already you might start feeling a little like what i call the transparent person.

Taste the taste in your mouth, its so normal for you, that you have ceased to be aware of it, dont concentrate on it - just being aware is enough to start, ... then smell, ... its 90% always the same, because of your own odour - but thats a good point - its a constant in our changing lives - here are things which are really real and secure ... ideas (and egos) are so insecure, they always need new definition, new confirmation, ...

BUT, i have no idea if this as such is meant to fit together with the vision and hearing idea above which can be almost autistic (hope i use the word correctly) - the one is so constant the other so varied, so boundary-less.


I AM A BEGINNER - I like experimenting - I am in no way enlightened or anything near it, this is all merely what i am experimenting with.

I believe the always happy Tibetan monks must know far more about these practices ... old chinese sages may have written about them ..
HOW TO DOZE (kreatives dösen)

It is astounding how most other animals even thoguh they are traumatized through cold, hunger, storm, even illness; they seem to have no trouble in times of plenty, dozing in the midday sun, in a state of easy relaxed readiness ... every dog or cat owner knows this dozing state of watchful readiness. (but do squirrels ever relax?)

Its like we used to do when the weather was good and we had all we needed in life - sitting by the caves and in the trees .... relaxing, smelling the wind and listening far into the distance ... for food and danger .... for anything and everything which was around ...

I am fascinated (and dont really understand) but I am amazed at how this state of the senses : dozing in watchful readiness ... is ALSO a state of peace of mind and it seems even happiness.


PS a thought about hedhehogs

we believe this world is built of solids ... smells and noise are vague and only secondary to us

We think: “we are all solid shapes, and solid shapes make noises and sometimes even vague smells”

I bet my hedgehog thinks. “everything is a smell, and these solid smells make noises and sometimes even vague shapes”


Listening into the Distance
The Peripheral Vision

Taming The Hedgehog