The Perfect Blind Spot

Animals have three modes of being: active, passive, and broadband. Non-selective or broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment.

With the broadband way of seeing and hearing, animals feel more involved and integrated, more a part of everything they sense.

The use of both focussed and broadband sensing is a balance, and animals often need to use this balance, every minute of every day. The success of this model of existance can be seen in animals all over the world.

This mode of our being, is a base line experience for any philosophy or psychology of man, then without it we are only considering a limited version of what human beings can do and be. Only considering humans in the context of focus points. Only understanding a relationship between 'I' and 'God'; or self and the world; - without the broadband balance of integration and nowness.

We're not considering the whole picture because we're only using part of our sensory abilities to feel it with.

We're always looking for the answers by focussing, the emperor has no clothes and he has found the perfect blind spot.

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