It's important to get the hang of broadband sensing before going too far with these essays, otherwise you will only intellectually understand some of the things i'm saying.

You don't have to do it for a long time to start with. As a balance for focussed activity, animals often only do it for a second, I feel humans, who are so out of practice, should do it for a half minute, maybe even just 10 seconds. The attitude is important, the ability to switch it on.

There are many reasons for this short period of time which i discuss later ... if it's fun, then you'll want to do it again ...

Different Degrees
There are all sorts of different degrees of broadband seeiing and listening, just as there are with focussed seeing and listening.

With listening, everyone seems to have at least some idea of how to try and do it ... with seeing most people have no idea. This maybe because with seeing we learn and are trained to focus from such an early age, whereas with listening we often need a broader awareness.

To see everything you've just got to stop thinking, and just look. And the easiest way stop thinking, is to listen. So i recommend starting with the following listening exercise, it is far easier, and essentially practices the same thing.

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