How to be
Empathy with Animals

May 5th.
New (and still developing) Version 2.0

Introduction (89 words)
Abstract: EMPATHY WITH ANIMALS Broadband Sensing (143 words)
SUMMARY from version 1.0 - From March 26th - still a very good rational approach (810 words)

The Perfect Blind Spot
1. Forgotten Unrealised Parts of Ourself and Finding Balance
2. Ignore the Monkey -Tame the Hedgehog
3. Examples of Broadband Sensing
4. Looking With Two Eyes
5. Being Awake and Aware, Finding Peace and Harmony
6. The Emperor has no Clothes, and he has found the Perfect Blind Spot

The Perfect Blind Spot - A compilation of 1- 6 - An Alternative Introduction (764 words)

and i'm not finished yet ... but now i feel it's time for you to start doing it, - either what you imagine it feels like for animals - or read the old Chapter One : Seeing and Listening - and once you even start doing it - then i'd love to discuss with you, what YOU think the effects are.

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(The full maybe long-winded, hopefully rational version from March)

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