How to Be Now and Neutralise the Self Perpetuating Wheels of Thought.
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Being now, is much more than just not thinking. But not being able to think at the same time, is the first, most noticable and practical effect of broadbanding. So this is relevant for human life, today more than ever, because we often feel the need to be able to stop the continual repetitive chatter in our minds, and get a bit of simple and direct peace of mind.

Broadband sensing has the effect of temporarily slowing down and even stopping the self perpetuating abstract memory systems. Animals know they must turn off, because it's vital, periodically, to check the surroundings, and be fully aware and receptive. Throughout evolution, broadbanding has been the unquestionble and natural trigger to stop thinking. To switch off and to stop doing everything and be still for a moment.

Humans hardly ever use this way of sensing directly or intentionally. The original practical use of broadband sensing is obsolete and redundant. Our ancestors fears and daily insecurity have been overcome. There is no need to be on the watch, or ready to be watchful in the present moment, as animals need to be, to survive.

Without trying it out, you might feel as though there is so much happening, that it would make you crazy to be aware of it all. And it would make us crazy if we had to focus and then think about it all; but to be aware of it all, you can't think at the same time.

If you go broadband, ready and watchful for any change or movement in the immediate environment, you can't think at the same time, because if you think you stop being able to actually percieive everything.

Without focussing on anything you can't start thinking about it, and consequently you can't want it or want to repeat it. Broadbanding disconnects the regenerating basis for thinking. It devolves the system.

And it's nothing mystical or paradoxical ... if it were a theory it would be simple and straightforward common sense. But it's not theory, animals do it naturally and often, ... and it's a constant reminder of how it feels to be now and still.

In order to be now with a feeling of integration with my environment, to feel the connection between me and my world - sense in the broadband way. ACTIVELY give the continuous abstract mental repetitions, the stimulus they have used throughout evolution for survival, to turn off. Thinking devolves by going broadband.

The senses are seen as the door between us and the world outside of us. In a broadband reality our senses connect us with the world. The irrational feeling is : we are the door.

In the short term, it only need be for a few seconds. We're not looking for anything like meditation here. In their active use of broadband sensing, many animals only use it for a second, inbetween their focussed activities. I would suggest to start with, for us humans, who are so out of practice, just thirty seconds, and to do that 3 times a day. I feel the vital first part is to be able to turn it on - at an instant, - like animals can. (This is explained more in seeing and listening).

In the long term, the thoughts to lose their habitual impetus and their momentum by sensing in the broadband way. Without focussing, there is no stimulus for any associations, nothing to cause or generate the continual memories. The repeating wheels of thought become slower and smoother, they lose their reassertion and thus their self confirmation. It is the perfect cure and safeguard against closed mindedness. There is no momentum or energy causing the endless repetitions of 'things we already know'.

Broadband sensing stills the mind, and neutralises (usurps/supersedes), the self perpetuating abstract thoughts. The thoughts lose their self-confirming repetitious-regenerating power.

It's not really so important to understand how focussing and thinking work, what's essential first is to realise broadband sensing is a very direct connection (it's more than a relationship) with the immediate environment, now, without any abstract thought, because as soon as you start thinking, you stop being able to sense. In order to be now, aware and awake, and feel a sense of connection with what is happening now, nothing surpasses broadband sensing.

People who meditate often say that 'it comes by itself' - 'don't try so hard'. But broadbanding is something which wanting to do it trying to do it, and being attached to it, doesn't prevent it happening. It encourages it. It's reliable. It's natural. It works. Animals have been doing it intentionally for millions of years.

It stimulates inner peace by trying to do it.

Comparison with Focussing
Broadband sensing doesn't lead to the same mental problems and it doesn't have the creative and brilliant, often fascinating potential that focussed sensing has.

If we want eternity, we probably have to focus on eternal things. But if want to be now, still our thoughts, with a basic feeling of connection with our world, we need to learn from animals, and how they use their broadband sensing.

So, i feel it's good advice when focussing, to focus on wholesome inspiring ideas and things. And this is appropriate because focussing and concentration are easy and natural with anything beautiful, creative or awesome. Focussing is useful and practical with anything you want. And focussing is indispensible for achieving any higher goal in life.

If you want to go broadband in meditation for hours, that's up to you, but i think its everyday use is just for a half minute, at times, - inbetween focussing on the great spirit or whatever your priorities are.

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