How to Doze Phase Three
Just a short and very messy (though interesting) start.
Do i need to say? please read the beginnings before you read this!

Sensing Inside the Body
For anyone who is a bit sceptical - the two senses to start with are smeliing and listening

Listen to the sounds inside your body. Listen to your stomach rumbling, wait for it ...

This is not anything mystical. Listening activates the awareness in a special specific way - listening seeing smelling and tasting all activate the awareness in special specific ways - they bring out facets of the awareness which we don't use with our brain guided awareness.

In the same way you can listen out in a specific direction, you can listen in to your body, to specific muscles and joints, they don't often make noises, but just being open to the possibility, opens up our awareness. Listen out with exactly the same attitude as listening out to the world outside.

Digesting the smells as described in Savouring Scents - once you can feel scents inside your body (wherever they are) you will have a bridge to tasting in those places.

So the sense of taste is next, not just in your mouth and the digestive canal but all over the body, .. i suspect it will usually taste bland and monotonous, what more can you expect? you've never done it before and compared to rich modern western foods it is bland and monotonous.

Lastly comes seeing. This is the only sense where i could be accused of using my imagination. With the eyes closed there is a sensation of light through and in my whole head. I don't have to try, it just seems to automatically spread through my whole body.

I would like argue that this is natural. Let's remember again when we were very young and had the fantasy of lots of little people living in our bodies, running around passing messages to each other, and generally organising everything. I can't clearly remember anything except that they had hands and they could see!

I never talked about it with anyone, i occasionally used it to heal pains as i grew older but grew out of it like we all do. I watched films about it, heard jokes about it, but it's a common experience - probably everyone has it - an abstract way of being in touch with ourselves through the eyes and hands of these abstract little people.

Two Modes
I have two different modes: one with the eyes open, sitting - the other with the eyes closed, lying down.

Eyes Open
This starts with seeing and listening to the world outside, in the broadband way.

Once you've got the seeing and listening working together, and your thoughts are really very slow, then start sensing taste. This seems to automically involve temperature in my stomach - usually tasting a mixture of 'me' and the remains of whatever i ate or drank last. Then start the tactile sense, we have no idea how it looks, but from the inside it feels like a body and 5 legs. Then at birth comes the breathing and at the same time obviously smelling. Smelling defines the outer lines of my body (as described here). The term rebirthing comes to mind, but i'm fairly sure this word has nothing to do with the mystical/psychological forms of rebirthing which other people talk about.

When lying down with the eyes closed, (remembering the in the womb experience described here) it doesn''t seem to matter much which you start with. The feeling of expansion and contraction from breathing is more obvious, than when sitting (there's no constriction from bends and pressure on the buttocks). But please just experiment,

Animals don't understand mirrors - but they have touch from outside and smell from inside - it's a completely different dimension of feeling i exist - i don't know if it's better, i don't care, the point is it's part of what is happening - this needs to be bought in balance with our focussed abstract understanding ..

It is a sense of reality and new worlds of feeling and being which i don't know well enough to explain. There's sometimes a feeling of oneness - sometimes emptiness - sometimes heat from the belly ...

I wish i'd have known this 50 years ago. I hope somebody else spends a few of their next 50 yrs. developing it.


i repeat and develop :

My experiences come from when i was between 11 and 16 yrs. old, before i read anything about it. It was habitual, at nights before sleep, i would breathe and feel my whole body expanding and contracting. There was nothing mystical, i was very naive (didn't even realise we had lungs till i was 17 or 18). It was connected with seeing and hearing inside my own body.

I remember seeing light, i would see a light between my eyebrows. BUT this was nothing to do with the third eye, not as far as i know, i knew nothing about the third eye at 16. I'm sure now, it was the result of focussing with my eyes closed. When the eyes were closed and ufocussed there was a sensation of light all around.

The expansion and contraction would regularly lead to a loss of spacial sense, i would feel as big as the room or very very small, often as well with a floating feeling. This was happening from at least age 14. I remember i talked with my Mum about it ...

There was a feeling of emptiness, and this was more real than anything i was learning in school, or our culture – so when i found taoism and then buddhism i felt the connection, but since then, well i guess it's been a long downward path as i learnt more! really the sidetracks, the clever things 'honourable teachers' were suggesting ... mostly useless detours.

So, unfortunately i started to lose the feeling when i was 18 -19 - with so many fascinating astral worlds and chakras and hidden secrets to read about, all of them so much more bright and attractive than those naive childhood experiences ... but really ... my original experience pre-18 was far more pure and real and simple than almost anything i've learnt since.

Over the years i've spoken with a number of teenagers, who lie on their backs and experience a sort of peace and completion, ... it's a 'just being' ... - and it seems to stop with the multiplicity of real modern life, sex, and being an adult, and all the learning.

So, does anyone remember such naive childhood feelings, from before they started learning any spiritual stuff? Does anyone remember the little people organising out bodies?

i find it stimulates a non-brain awareness - seeing, listening, smelling and tasting, inside; - each have their own dimensions, other dimensions of body awareness, ... other dimensions of absortion ...

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